Grassroots Politics

The Ecology Democracy Party grew from the already flourishing Ecology Democracy Network, established by Ken Pentel over the last two years while bicycling over 6,000 miles grass roots organizing around the State. The Ecology Democracy Party was established to transition the thinking and action in our culture from a human-centered to an ecological-centered approach in relation to how we manage our relationship with our home, planet Earth. The Ecology Democracy Party will restore a harmonious and sustainable relationship with our natural environment through a structural change of the fundamentals of Minnesota Government. This change is to be brought about through the following three Ecology Democracy Party mandates:

Ecology Democracy Party mandates:
Establishing an ecology-based economy for Minnesota
Implementing proportional representation for the State House
Removing Big Money and Corporate Interference in Minnesota Government


Ken Pentel quote: “The people who mobilize and vote for Erin and I should know that when elected, our three mandates will form the basis of how we will govern. These are: the establishment of an ecology-based economy for Minnesota, implementation of proportional representation for the State House, and the removal of private and corporate money in the people’s government of Minnesota. In the course of this campaign and beyond, it will be the responsibility of the people in the field who mobilized, and all those who will vote for us, to give us the backbone to see this through. We know Minnesotans are up to the challenge and we look forward to earning and maintaining their trust and confidence.”

-Ken Pentel, 2010 Ecology Democracy Party Gubernatorial Candidate

Ken Pentel is a Minnesota native and former Green Party gubernatorial candidate with 11 years of work experience with Greenpeace and 12 years of work experience developing the Minnesota Green Party. Ken is the founding director of the Ecology Democracy Network.


Ralph Nader Endorses the Ken Pentel for Governor 2010 Campaign

Consumer advocate and three-time candidate for President Ralph Nader, has endorsed the Ken Pentel and Erin Wallace campaign for Governor of Minnesota.


Ralph states:
"In a 2000 Business Week poll, over 70% of the people said corporations have too much control over their lives. This was before the corporate outrages, corporate militarism and Wall Street Collapse, recession and bailout of the past decade.

Ken Pentel gets this feeling by a large majority of Americans in an experienced and knowledgeable way. He is a long time Minnesotan, fighter for fairness, justice and wise and healthy use of natural resources – air, water, soil, energy.

Ken Pentel's present run for Governor is for you and your children. Watch him, listen to him, question him, invite him and see if you agree with me that on November 2 you have a real choice for a change.

As he bicycles across the entire state of Minnesota, chances are good that you'll have an opportunity to do these things in person."