Public Funding

Pentel & Wallace mandates that candidates seeking public office and elected public official are publicly funded

The time that is wasted raising money is needed for solving the most pressing problems that humans have ever had to face. We need people who are thoughtful and have the interest of the common people at heart rather than the interests of a tiny clique of rich people who generally make their money off extinction of species as well as stealing from and dumping on future generations. If you get enough signatures and/or votes then you will receive a certain amount of money to fully fund your campaign.

The MN Public Finance System—As of 2006 98% of the candidates running for state office use the MN public finance system1, and almost 100% of those elected used it. We could then just expand the existing system to 100% of public financing. So, if you get enough signatures or votes you get on the ballot. This would include an increase of money to parties as well—implementation would take 2 years.


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